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The ideas expressed and outlined on this site are free for everyone to use. Meaning you can use and develop the ideas and build a working prototype and sell it, but you can only patent your own alterations and innovations. The ideas itself are free and will stay free for everyone to use!

Why for free?

Mostly in order to preventing the creation of new energy monopolies (patents). Also, financial markets are very jittery. By publishing it in this early stage will give energy producers and financial markets ample time to prepare. The research and development will take at least 15 years. This will hopefully prevent extreme price fluctuations of fossil fuels.


If you have a product that works in a similar way, please drop me a line. After you have provided verifiable evidence I will shut down the site or link to your site.

Any resemblance to your product was purely coincidental and not an attempt to steal your idea and infringe upon the patent rights you might have.

"What one man can invent, another can discover." Sherlock Holmes.